1) Objectives:

  1. a) Awareness of adult saving behavior for achieving of beneficial effects in biodiversity field.
  2. b) Creating and implementing a national saving system.
  3. c) Accurate use of money by private or state system which implements the project.

The implementation period is 2 years from the project implementation. In the first year, the system is created and this one and is experiencing its operation. In the second year, system application is generalized by the bank/institution at national level, or, as the case may be, at international level.

2) Working team

Implementation of the system is done with a team of 3-5 members, including the project manager and specialists in communication and mathematical modeling.

3) Content

Stage A. Through specific means of communication and information, the system is presented taking into account the objectives, the stages and the completion of its implementation. It is recommended to implement the project in a banking environment.

– Application of knowledge and research methods for attracting the population into this project, as well as analysis of the evolution both in quantitative and qualitative terms. Will be issued prognoses on  short, medium and long term evolution.

Stage B. The models built in the stage A will be brought to the attention of the general public , the main depositors (individuals and legal entities) to the clients of the bank/ institution who implements the project. The theoretical and practical potential of project implementation is is quantified.

Stage C. Implementation itself and the results obtained.

At this stage, any adjustments are applied to streamline the project.

By  Ph.D. Lucian Ciuchita

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