Victor PETCU

Petcu Victor, phD in agronomy, scientifical researcher at C.S.R.A.F.B ”Acad. David Davidescu” from June 2022. Coordinator of Organic Agriculture Research Centre of National Agriculture Research and Development Institute, president of Agroecological Research Centre St. Maximus the Confessor. Research themes in which he published scientifical papers: organic agriculture, plant breeding and seed production in organic agriculture, resilience and biodiversity in agroecosystems, sustainable business models for rural areas, soil biology, plant protection and side effects of chemical products, improving cross-compliance norms by technological measures applied on field crops, participatory research, traditional agriculture, sustainable agriculture, ethics in life-sciences.

Mariana SANDU


Dr. ing. Mariana Sandu is a third degree scientific researcher at Center for Studies and Researchers of Agroforestry Biodiversity since 2008 and the research activity aimed at the conservation and development of zootechnical biodiversity and the increase of the economic efficiency of the Romanian animal husbandry. She participated as a member of the research team in 5 research projects and coordinated 2 research topics from the national research program of INCE.

She has produced 7 books as author and co-author. The research activity has materialized in the presentation and publication of 65 scientific articles, some of them being appreciated and quoted in ISI or BDI quoted journals. In 2014 he received the Gheorghe Ionescu-Siseşti Prize of the Romanian Academy for the group of works: Biodiversity of farm animals and eco-bioeconomic significances in the food security context.



Marcel Theodor PARASCHIVESCU is a grade II scientist and since 2007 he is doing his research within “Acad. David Davidescu” Agroforestry Biodiversity Studies and Research Centre.

He coordinates the research activity of bioinformatics data banks flow. Holding the scientist position requires to manage the agroforestry biodiversity data bank, entering the applied informatics field, by using the knowledge acquired beforehand.

Other fields of science in which he was involved are those regarding reproduction, as a biological function of farm animals, developing the know-how of increasing female fertility. The procedure had its main focus on using embryo transfer with multiple ovulation (MOET) on taurines.

Marcel Theodor PARASCHIVESCU has been awarded with the 2014 “Gheorghe Ionescu Sișești” Romanian Academy Reward for the following paper: “Biodiversity of farm animals and eco-bio-economics significances in the food security context”, as well as the 2016 “Ion Ionescu de la Brad” Romanian Academy Reward for his work on: “Undemonstrative spare outputs disclosed by reproduction biotechnologies in sheep”.

Amalia-Gianina STRĂTEANU

Economist engineer Amalia-Gianina STRĂTEANU, professional grade CS III, conduct his scientific and research activity at the Center for Studies and Research on AgroForestry Biodiversity “Acad. David Davidescu” since the year 2008.

Amalia-Gianina STRĂTEANU has expert knowledge and practical skills for studying comparative biodiversity and food safety and security, protecting human health and the environment by systematically assessing the impact of human actions on it (soil, air, water, animal, plant, human) , bioeconomic and eco-economic exploitation of biodiversity and the improvement of ecosystems status and services, international legislation and cooperation on biodiversity protection and natural resources patrimony.

From the point of view of technical skills, Amalia-Gianina STRĂTEANU has skills in collecting field data, as well as complex processing and reporting. The researcher also conducts research and technology transfer activities, coordinates research-development-innovation activities, project management and technical-scientific collaboration partnerships.

The scientific achievements are materialized in a sustained publishing activity (author, co-author and collaborator on over 19 books, textbooks, monographs, brochures and 85 scientific papers), as well as by awarding the Gheorghe Ionescu-Siseşti Prize of the Romanian Academy in 2014 for the group of science works “Biodiversity of farm animals and eco-bioeconomics in the context of food security”. At the same time, Amalia-Gianina STRĂTEANU participated in more than 50 internal and international scientific sessions, which led to the promotion by increasing the visibility of the Center for Studies and Research on AgroForestry Biodiversity “Acad. David Davidescu”.

Laurenţiu CIORNEI

Laurenţiu CIORNEI was co-opted in the C.S.C.B.A.S. in September 2018. PhD in Economics, he has a degree in Law, Journalism and Forestry, graduate of postgraduate studies in leadership and human resources management, respectively environmental management and sustainable development, Laurenţiu Ciornei leads the scientific activity within the Department of forest biodiversity and protection of forest ecosystems . He is the author and co-author of several specialized books, including a chapter dedicated to the forest ecosystem in the paper “Mapping degraded and semi-degraded ecosystems using satellite remote sensing methods”, published in 2018 by the Romanian Academy Publishing House.
Before working in scientific research, Laurenţiu Ciornei worked for 25 years in the media, being an expert in communication.

Affiliated Researchers